Simplest System To Earn


When it comes to promotion, 98% are unable to promote and
don’t get paid signups and hence they don’t earn.

In business, one has to invest to get returns. The problem is many of us don’t have that money and many of us have time and again burnt our fingers and not sure of ourselves and also on the sites that we join.


This system is for people who can invest $4.9 + $1 one time only.

Step 1  Join Key Revenue Adz And Get $10 Bonus.
Key Revenue Adz is an advertising and Revenue share site launched on 23 Dec 2016.

Verify your account by adding $1 to your purchase balance account and then you can buy 5 adpacks of $2 each with the bonus $10. (You can add $1 more and buy another adpack if you wish).


  1. $2 adpacks maturing at $3.

  2. Revshare earnings are 2% daily.

  3. To qualify you have to view only 5 ads daily which also adds to your earnings.

  4. Free members minimum withdrawal is $5


Your 5 adpacks will take 75 days to mature and you would have earned $17 to 18 which you can reinvest.

Referrals will add up to your earnings.


PifExplosion is an advertising site with 3 X 15 forced matrix.

As free member you are upgraded to Gold member for 3 months giving you monthly advertising credits for solo mails, banners and text ads.

One time $4.9 investment upgrades you to Diamond membership and a position in matrix.

The spill overs and spill unders can help you earn good money.


Both being advertising sites, use them to cross promote your links in both sites.

You can create just one splash page to promote both programs using MyTrafficPlanet as a free member.

Click here to see my splash page.